Vice project doom

Excellent graphics, well designed cut-scenes, fantastic stage set-ups with three modes of play Cons: Can be very difficult Vice: Project Doom is yet another cult classic title on the original Nintendo that I hear about in certain circles and finally decided to jump in.

Vice project doom

Sunday, 14 December Vice: It doesn't seem like it ever reached Europe, but here I shall call it Vice Project: Doom, because that just flows better to me somehow. This had better be about a vice cop who ends up being the one man who can stop a supervillain's scheme to doom America by dumping cocaine into the water supply or I dunno, I just want to see a proper b-grade 80s action movie plot here.

Half of a transparent supervillain's head drifts across a turbulent sky. A storm is coming Sorry, I'm just making shit up now. You can't have that name by the way, that's my original character.

Oh, it was meant to be a moody reflection in the man's office window as he gazes out across the world he schemes to dominate.

Vice project doom

Calling his latest scheme 'Project Doom' is also the kind of thing he'd do now that I think about it. Uh, okay this has just taken a turn for the cryptic. After all, the villain came 30 years ago! Well it's not raining over here, as our hero Hart slides on screen to take a call.

Lots of sliding in this game I've noticed. There's a maniac loose in the city, and it's up to Hart to take them down, nice and easy!

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He's been given no description of the driver or his vehicle, so I guess we drive down route until we see someone who looks suspicious and then it's show-time! Wow, I was not expecting this to be a top down driving game.

Well, more like a top down shoot 'em up really, as I slide across the street in my hover car blasting everything in my path. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure I'm meant to be shooting anyone as I was actually ordered to take down exactly one maniac.

But I shot one of those blue cars by mistake earlier and he dropped a coin, so I took that as a sign to cut loose. Plus look at all these barriers I'm smashing through! Not only is it a really nice effect for a NES game, but it's a clear sign that these folks should not be on this highway. Speeding down a closed off road is just the kind of thing that a maniac would do, and that's apparently enough justification for me to take them all down.

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And now I'm fighting a truck with a five-way cannon mounted on the back. This might be the maniac I'm after, or it may just be someone who decided that the best defence on these dangerous sci-fi streets is to kill the lunatic in the sports car with the missiles before he gets you.

Either way I'm still going to chase him in my sports car and blast him with missiles. Not much to say about the gameplay here; he's sliding side to side and shooting things downwards, I'm dodging them and shooting things upwards. You can tell by my health bar how much of a challenge it's been so far.

He totally put those glasses on just before saying that. Check the last cutscene again, he wasn't wearing them in the car. Also, what is he talking about?

Vice project doom

He didn't even give them a chance to surrender! He just hammered him with missiles until there was one more smoking wreck blocking the motorway.

Well okay technically it was me who did that, but it's not like there's a 'turn on sirens' button in the game. Huh, the maniac turns out to be some kind of monster and there's stuff in the truck, talk about the creeps!!

Fortunately our good friend Christy decided to slide on screen out of nowhere, so she can run a check on it for us. I have no idea who Christy is. The plot thickens, huh? I guess this mysterious 'guardian angel' is going to fill in some of the blanks now and put us on track for the next level.Name Bravam Smith Payne His full name is never mentioned during the actual game x x Is a man of very, very few words x Gets involved in a conspiracy x x x Sees his partners die x x Sees his family.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - The Manhattan Project (U).zip Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Project Shadow 2 - Demo3 (Hack).zip Wonder Project J2 - Koruro no Mori no Jozet (J) [T+Eng_Ryu].zip. Play Vice - Project Doom game that is available in the United States of America (USA) version only on this website.

Vice - Project Doom is a Nintendo emulator game that you can download to your computer or play online within your browser. Vice: Project Doom Review NES With a total of 11 stages, you know this game will take you awhile.

I've currently only played through 3 stages, but I have found them .

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