The life and evangelical mission of sister aimee semple mcpherson

The resulting scandal put the character of Aimee Semple McPherson on public trial. So who was she? The young couple, with their mutual calling, sailed to China as missionaries, but Robert soon died of malaria; Aimee, now only 19, gave birth to her first child a month later. It did not agree with her; after almost succumbing to illness, an insistent divine voice urged her:

The life and evangelical mission of sister aimee semple mcpherson

Transcript Pentecostal preacher actor: Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for we are grateful for the miracles that you have wrought in our lives. On a winter's day inin the dairy farm countryside of Canada, a young woman was on her way to a rehearsal for the school play when she decided to take a detour that would dramatically change her life.

Abundant light is for you.

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When young Aimee walked into the mission inshe might have seen people falling down, prostrate on the floor. She might have seen people going up and down the aisles and dancing, which in a normal church service would never happen. And then, she might have heard these strange noises coming out of people.

La, la, la, la, la, or something, that she would not have recognized, that we call speaking in tongues or glossolalia, which is speaking in a language other than your own. Aimee was among Pentecostals, members of a brand-new Protestant movement for whom speaking in tongues was a unique and controversial signature.

Detractors called them "Holy Rollers. The promise is for you They didn't have television. And what if you had people down the street who seemed to be barking like dogs and rolling around the floor?

Strong-willed and inquisitive, Aimee had spent years in the throes of a spiritual crisis. At her home in Ingersoll, Ontario, she had been taught the literal truth of the Holy Bible.

At school, she had been exposed to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, four decades old, but now rapidly gaining currency. Daniel Mark Epstein, Biographer: One thing we learn about Aimee from her earliest childhood is that she was never halfway about anything. She took very, very extreme positions; She was never content with a compromise.

Aimee begins to question the literalness of Genesis at a time in which many Americans were doing the same thing. God created the world in seven, hour days. Darwin comes along and, and casts serious doubts on that.

Aimee began to realize that if humans were descendants from animals, how could God have created them? How could they be the peak of God's creation? She began to ask these questions of local ministers and decided if you can't trust the book of Genesis, then why can you trust the rest of the Bible?

And we are grateful, Lord, for the miracles and for the healing Aimee was willing to embrace either Darwin or the Bible, science or divine revelation. Tonight we want to give a warm welcome to our brother from Ireland, brother Robert Semple. Would you give him a warm welcome? When Robert Semple stepped up to the pulpit, all six-foot-two of him, dark, Irish, handsome.

Aimee, like most young women who have their first experience of the charismatic preacher, fell in love. And she fell hard. Will you say "yes" to God? Will you be filled by the Holy Spirit?

Sister Aimee

It seemed that Robert was speaking into her very soul, and it seemed that he saw everything about her. Will you give your whole life to God?

The spirit of God is pouring out on all flesh! Will it reach your heart? Will you be his vessel?

The life and evangelical mission of sister aimee semple mcpherson

Soon, Aimee and Robert Semple were married, partners in the Pentecostal faith, intent on spreading the word. In the spring ofthe couple boarded a steamer bound for China. They were self-appointed missionaries for a movement that had begun a decade before, when a Bible student in Kansas began speaking in tongues.Their report stated that the work of Aimee Semple McPherson met with their approval in every way, and that the healings were "genuine, beneficial and wonderful." The City of Angels Weary of having no place to raise a family, Sister Aimee rejoiced when, in , she heard God instruct her to go to Los Angeles.

Jun 24,  · Pioneering radio preacher Aimee Semple McPherson arrived in L.A. exactly years ago and found a receptive audience for her showy pentecostalism. That Sister McPherson’s ministry found an.

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The life of Aimee Semple McPherson. By John Updike McPherson was a full-time revival preacher, broadcasting sermons and services over her Kall Four Square Gospel radio station. Aimee Semple McPherson was one of the most glamorous women in the US in the s. The Incredible Disappearing Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson was an American phenomenon even before she went missing for five weeks in By Gilbert King.

Jun 24,  · The main promoter of this heady combination of sunshine and spiritual seeking was the charismatic faith healer and pioneering radio preacher Aimee Semple McPherson, who arrived in .

The life and evangelical mission of sister aimee semple mcpherson
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