Saving the amazon essay

Background[ edit ] The format of Saving Planet Earth was something of a departure for the Unit, using celebrities not normally associated with natural history programmes rather than selecting a familiar face from its pool of specialists. The season began with a special hour-long programme on BBC One entitled "Sharing Planet Earth", a clarion call for action to conserve nature, presented by David Attenborough.

Saving the amazon essay

These amazon rainforest facts for kids will give you an insight about its flora, fauna and its people. It forms a jagged circle that has nine different countries in it. There are an estimated 16, tree species that make up a mass of about billion individual trees. The Amazon Rainforest is so very important because, by its self, it is half of all the rainforest ecosystems in the world.

The famous Amazon River runs through the rainforest. A rainforest is just as the name means: The Amazon Rainforest receives an average of centimeters 98inches to centimeters inches of rain every year.

There are several things that all rainforests have in common. They usually have moderate climates that never get too cold. They can be very hot and humid.

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Most rainforests have layers of trees: This is called stratified. There is basically four layer or strata of trees. Starting on the forest floor, there are small plants, along with tiny versions of what will be the forest giants.

Next, in the strata is the understory. The trees in the understory are shrubs and bushes. The next layer is the canopy.

These are the largest trees that give the rainforest a dense shade and create a thick tree cover. These trees are usually 30 meters 8 feet to about 45 meters feet tall.

Above the canopy is the emergent layer. These are the trees that have grown taller than the other trees in the canopy layer. Animal Species in the Amazon Amazon Rainforest is home to estimated species of fish; species of amphibians, including the poison dart frogs; reptile species; species of birds; species of mammals, including Jaguar and Anteater; and at least 40, different plant species.

The rainforest is two different habitats that occupy the same area. There are some species that stay in the canopy layer and there or many species that stay on the forest floor and the understory. Coati, Monkeys and Toucan and among the species that stay in the canopy where they are safe from predators.

The forest floor and the understory are home to deer, wild pigs and tapirs. There are still signs of these early people. Anthropologist and archaeologist are professionals who dig for evidence of past people and study how they lived.

Francisco de Orellana was the first European to travel the Amazon River in He was amazed at all the people he found and was surprised that they were living in villages. The indigenous or native people were semi-nomadic surviving on hunting, fishing and gathering food from the rainforest.

As more European people came to the rainforest many of the indigenous people began to die from diseases that had never come into contact with before.

Saving the amazon essay

Threat to Amazon Rainforest There are many changes happening the Amazon Rainforest that is having terrible effects of the land, animals and people that live there. Climate change is threatening this unique area. One significant problem is that the Amazon Rainforest has been suffering from a drought starting in In moist, humid habitat that depends on large amounts of rain, drought can be very damaging.

Another problem is the amount of deforestation that is happening every day. Humans are cutting the canopy trees down or burning them to clear the land for growing crops and grazing livestock.

With the canopy layer removed all life, the either lived in the canopy or lived under it is being disturbed. It is becoming very difficult for some of the animals to find the food and shelter they have depended on now that their habitat is so different.

The indigenous people who have lived in the Amazon Rainforest for thousands of years are also suffering as the landscape of their homeland is changing.The popularity of online retailer Amazon has skyrocketed over the last decade as brick-and-mortar businesses, including big chain retailers like Sears and Toys R Us, have seen a decline in sales and.

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Saving the amazon essay

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