Purpose of business plan ent300

Referring to the subject stated above, we would like to submit the proposal of our finalproject paper for subject Fundamental of Entrepreneurship ENT This business plan was completed according to the guidelines and requirementsgiven according to subject related.

Purpose of business plan ent300

Input and Output The central processing unit is the unseen part of a computer system, and users are only dimly aware of it.

But users are very much aware of the input and output associated with the computer. They submit input data to the computer to get processed information, the output.

Sometimes the output is an instant reaction to the input. Zebra-striped bar codes on supermarket items provide input that permits instant retrieval of outputs - price and item name - right at the checkout counter.

A bank teller queries the computer through the small terminal at the window by giving a customer's account number as input. The same screen immediately provides the customer's account balance as output. A forklift operator speaks directly to a computer through a microphone.

Words like left, right, and lift are the actual input data.

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The output is the computer's instant response, which causes the forklift to operate as requested. A medical student studies the human body on a computer screen, inputting changes to the program to show a close-up of the leg and then to remove layers of tissue to reveal the muscles and bone underneath.

The screen outputs the changes, allowing the student without donning a mask, sanitary gloves, or operating gown to simulate surgery on the computer. A sales representative uses an instrument that looks like a pen to enter an order on a special pad.

The handwritten characters are displayed as "typed" text and are stored in the pad, which is actually a small computer. Input and output may sometimes be separated by time or distance or both. Here are some examples: Factory workers input data by punching in on a time clock as they go from task to task.

The time clock is connected to a computer.

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The outputs are their weekly paychecks and reports for management that summarize hours per project on a quarterly basis. A college student writes checks. The data on the checks is used as input to the bank computer, which eventually processes the data to prepare a bank statement once a month.

Charge-card transactions in a retail store provide input data that is processed monthly to produce customer bills. Water-sample data is collected at lake and river sites, keyed in at the environmental agency office, and used to produce reports that show patterns of water quality.ALHAMDULILLAH page DCC telah pon menjapai LIKE daripada anda semua yang sudi menyokong DCC kalau mengikut DCC notications, individu ke yang bertuah adalah saudari Norathifah Sanusi.

Transcript of ENT presentatition. ENT Business planning INTRODUCTION De' Dessert house Enterprise Nature of the business: it has highly demand because we are producing new and unique products and it is different from others products. ⦁PURPOSE OF BUSINESS PLAN Entrepreneurs.

Bakery Business Plan Sample. By Legal Templates • February 3, • Business Plan Samples. Executive Summary. Bread Society is a Missouri-based, LLC focused on a bakery that produces innovative, traditional, and healthy bakery goods and products. The Company aims to achieve a preeminent position in the retail bakery industry channel .

Improve your chances of success by taking this business plan for start-ups course. Next, include a section about customers. Identify your targeted customers, their characteristics, and their geographic locations, otherwise known as their demographics.

purpose of business plan 1. The Entrepreneurs (BAHULU‟S HOUSE managers) To better understand the purpose of the business and act as guideline to manage the business effectively and efficiently.

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purpose of business plan ent300
How Computers Work: Input and Output