Problems of the bangladesh ready made garment sector essay

Share via Email This article is over 3 years old Relatives and former Rana Plaza workers demand their compensation in front of the site of the tragedy in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh. The report from Human Rights Watchthe independent advocacy organisation, comes on the second anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. More than 1, garment workers working on orders for high-street retailers in the west died in the tragedy, which briefly focused global attention on the problems created by the booming global clothing industry.

Problems of the bangladesh ready made garment sector essay

Sincerely yours, Acknowledgement All praises to almighty Allah who has created us and has given us opportunities and strength to work with people. This report might never have been completed without the necessary practical knowledge, assistance of many books, articles, websites, and primary data.

It enhanced our knowledge on SME activities of different banks as well as the problems of implementing MIS in those banks. Thanks to all those persons, who have assisted me, providing me co-operation, books and articles.

I would like to express my special gratitude to our Sir, Rahimullah Miah for his supervision, co-operation and advises.

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They helped me through providing various data, guidance and direction. I am also grateful to all other employees of SME Reconciliation Department for their support and assistance. I would like to express my gratitude to all the people that were involved both directly and indirectly in the preparation of this report.

I apologize to the people whose names that I have not mentioned, and their contribution is highly appreciated by me. Objectives of the study: The broad objective of this study includes the following: Information in websites of banks is also insufficient.

Methodology is the process or system through which a study is being carried out for the purpose of collection of information that is required for reaching a conclusion on that study. In our study, information has been collected by using multiple tools.

Much necessary information has been collected by from the personal observation and one to one discussion with the relevant officials.

Problems of the bangladesh ready made garment sector essay

A questionnaire was designed to collect information on the use of SME loans, access to SME credit facilities and revenue-expenditure of the enterprises. Focus Group Discussions FGD were used to get a broader view of the business environment for SMEs, their major drawbacks, labor market mechanisms, demand for other complimentary services, the strengths and weaknesses of SME services of different banks and a comparison with other players providing similar services.

Complimentary information on indirect employment generation, governance problems and the costs of operation for SMEs was put together from individual case studies conducted at the branch offices of different banks that offer only SME credit services. Three practical banks, named BRAC Bank, Dhaka Bank and Mercantile Bank Ltd were selected as sample banks purposively considering the amount of loan size, interest rate, loan processing fees, period of loans, mode of finance and management.

Policies relating to SME financing such as fiscal policy, monetary policy and internal policies of these banks were examined thoroughly with a view to find out the influence of existing policies on SME financing. Trend and pattern of bank financing to SME was analyzed by classifying the financing in terms of areas, rate of interest, types, category, and banks.

The total methodology of the report is shown below for better clarity and easier understanding through flowchart construction. The Flow chart construction Primary data collection: Primary data of this assignment has been collected from: Face to face conversation with SME department employees and staffs of different banks.

Face to face conversation with clients of SME loans.

Promoting Jobs, Protecting People

Secondary data of this assignment has been collected from: Official website of the three banks Data Analysis: The data required for this study were collected from both primary and secondary sources; however, majority of the information was collected from secondary sources.

These two methods are discussed below- Chapter One 1.The readymade garments industry of Bangladesh is the fastest growing export oriented industry of the country.

Starting in late seventies, the ready made garment industry of Bangladesh now accounts for over 64% of the country's total export earning. Ready Made Garment (RMG) industry of Bangladesh is the highest export earning sector of the country. It is the second largest exporter of RMG in the world after China.

Problems and Prospects of Bangladesh Essay. A+. Pages:3 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS. The Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh Aid Group have taken seriously the idea that Bangladesh is the test case for development.

fertilizer, ready-made garments, and frozen seafood. The average.

Readymade Garments Industry of Bangladesh

In RMG sector of Bangladesh, there are more than garment factories (private statistics) at the current time, employing more than 12 lack labours, where 85% of the labour force is women. But, according to BGMEA the number of garment factories in Bangladesh around Problems of the Bangladesh Ready Made Garment sector In recent time it is argued that the crisis in the Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector is not only limited to the wages and allowances of the workers.

Productions and exports of the factories have decreased and the price of the apparels is decreasing in the international market.

The Rise of Ready-Made Garments in Bangladesh. The growth of garment industry in Bangladesh is a comparatively recent one. In the British period there was no garment industry in this part of the Indo-Pak-Sub Continent.

In the first garment industry in Bangladesh (Then East Pakistan) was established at Dhaka.

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