Japanese period 1941 1945

Philippine literature in English came to a halt. This had an advantageous effect on Filipino Literature, which experienced renewed attention because writers in English turned to writing in Filipino.

Japanese period 1941 1945

The Armed Forces used a greater tonnage of wood than of steel. Many peace time activities were curtailed, such as the nationwide forest survey, reforestation work, and land acquisition under the Weeks law. The Forest Service, however, was called upon for numerous special war jobs; surveys of war requirements and supplies of forest products; an emergency rubber project for production of guayule and other rubber-bearing plants; a large-scale logging project in Alaska for production of urgently needed aircraft spruce; constant manning of lookout stations as part of the Army aircraft warning system; surveys of quinine, balsa, and other special forest-product resources in Latin America; emergency fire protection measures; numerous important studies and tests at the Forest Products Laboratory; and much other war work.

To help stimulate output of wood for war needs, a special Timber Production War Project was launched. This boosted lagging production and at the same time encouraged logging methods that left trees for future use and wasted as little as possible.

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With so many men serving in the armed services,regular fire protection forces were severely depleted. Somecitizens enrolled. Conservation agencies cooperated in special fire prevention campaigns to make the public more aware of the great need for individual carefulness in fire prevention.

The Japanese made numerous attempts to fire west coast forests with incendiary bombs carried by balloons, but were unsuccessful. Paratroopers and Army ground personnel were of great assistance in fighting fires.

Japanese period 1941 1945

F— Although winning the war was the most important objective, the cause of conservation was not entirely forgotten. Thedem and for more lumber showed the need for more forestry legislation. Some laws passed by the 78th Congress were: Public Law of March 29, 58 Stat.

Japanese period 1941 1945

Public Law of May 5, 58 Stat. Public Law of May 31, 58 Stat.

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Several States passed laws permitting the establishment of State, county, city, town, and school forests.

Many States increased their appropriations for forestry and for fire protection.Japanese Period. JAPANESE PERIOD () During the Japanese period, Filipinos undergo in the Puppet Government ruled by the plombier-nemours.com Government is a said to be a republic that has no power to control itself and controlled by the foreign power instead.

The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II () [Navy] Not a narrative-type monograph, but a valuable reference work showing organizations and reorganizations of the Japanese . The Japanese Occupation of the Philippines: Leyte, – Southeast Asia Program, Department of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, p.

emphasis on social history Southeast Asia Program, Department of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, p. emphasis on social history. Singapore, The Japanese Occupation, Akashi, Yoji. Bureaucracy and the Japanese Military Administration, with specific reference to Malaya.

Japanese History/World War II. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Japanese History. On the 7th of December , The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Their Mission to destroy the American Pacific Fleet. The United States strategic bombing of Japan took place between and In the last seven months of the campaign, a.

USS MARYLAND BB 46 WWII likes. I started this page for the men who served on the USS Maryland. muster reports and casualty reports for the period , unfortunately they are very slow. See More.

USS MARYLAND BB 46 WWII ELIZABETHTON — A sailor from Carter County who was killed when the Japanese navy attacked.

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