How to write a works cited page for an anthology duane

This guide serves as a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about creating an authentic MLA works cited page. An MLA works cited page displays the sources which were consulted and included in a project. When students and scholars create a research paper or another type of project, they seek out information in books, websites, journal articles, and many other types of sources. Simply placing information from books, websites, journal articles, newspaper articles, and other source types into a project is not acceptable.

How to write a works cited page for an anthology duane

While en route to Sam's California home, she parks along the road to sleep. A highway patrol officer awakens her and, suspicious of her agitation, follows her. When she trades her car for another at a dealership, he notes the new vehicle's details. Marion returns to the road but, rather than drive in a heavy storm, decides to spend the night at the Bates Motel.

Owner Norman Bates Anthony Perkins tells Marion he rarely has customers because of the motel's disconnection from a new Interstate and mentions he lives with his mother in the house overlooking the motel.

how to write a works cited page for an anthology duane

He invites Marion to supper. She overhears Norman arguing with his mother about letting Marion in the house, and during the meal, she angers him by suggesting he institutionalize his mother.

He admits he would like this, but does not want to abandon her. Marion resolves to return to Phoenix to return the money.

how to write a works cited page for an anthology duane

After calculating how she can repay the money she has spent, Marion dumps her notes down the toilet and begins to shower. An anonymous female figure enters the bathroom and stabs her to death.

Finding the corpse, Norman is horrified. He places Marion's body, wrapped in the shower curtain, and all her possessions — including the money — in the trunk of her car and sinks it in a nearby swamp. Shortly afterward, Sam is contacted by both Marion's sister Lila Vera Miles and private detective Milton Arbogast Martin Balsamwho has been hired by Marion's employer to recover the money.

Arbogast traces Marion to the motel and questions Norman, who unconvincingly lies that Marion stayed for one night and left the following morning.

He refuses to let Arbogast talk to his mother, claiming she is ill. Arbogast calls Lila to update her and tells her he will call again after he questions Norman's mother.

Arbogast enters Norman's house and at the top of the stairs is attacked by a figure who slashes his face with a knife, pushes him down the stairs, then stabs him to death.

When Arbogast does not call Lila, she and Sam contact the local police. Norman confronts his mother and urges her to hide in the cellar. She rejects the idea and orders him out of her room, but against her will, Norman carries her to the cellar.

While Sam distracts Norman, Lila sneaks into the house. Sam suggests to Norman that he killed Marion for the money so he could buy a new hotel. Realizing Lila is not around, Norman knocks Sam unconscious and rushes to the house.The state wherein an announced creative project becomes stuck at the preparation stage for years.

The term originates in the film industry, referring to films mired in . 4 CITATION TIPS _ _ Alphabetizing Arrange entries in the works cited list in alphabetical order.

In general, alphabetize entries in the list by the author’s last name. If the author’s name is not given, alphabetize by the title, omitting any initial articles (A, An, The).

The Adventures of Fu Manchu, Syndicated, , 39 episodes Attention conspiracy buffs: the hero of this show was the villain, a Macao-based scientist whose attacks on the West included germ warfare, smuggling, turning agents into double-agents, undercutting peace conferences, and eroding the U.S.

plombier-nemours.comns a lot of recent history, doesn't it? Introduction from a book or anthology (Bloom ) Bloom, Harold. Introduction.

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Bloom's Modern Critical Views: Kate Chopin. Ed. Bloom. New York: Infobase, Print. Start the citation with author of the introduction or piece. Reference work (widely used ) ("Descendant" ) "Descendant." Entry plombier-nemours.comon: Virginia Avenue, Fort Pierce, , FL.

In most word processing applications, this is done by entering a page break. The Works Cited page should be double spaced and maintain the same one-inch margins as the body of the paper.

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Title. Title the page “Works Cited” (do not include the quotation marks), and center it on the first line. If the Works Cited section runs more than one page long, . Aug 29,  · How to Write a Works Cited Page. If you're writing in MLA format, the Works Cited page is the final piece to the puzzle that is your paper.

A Works Cited page is a complete list of the works that you cite in your paper, and it's different 73%(37).

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