How man is changing the environment

Want to learn more about how I do that? Every living thing has an impact on its environment. Therefore a human impact on the environment is inevitable. By simply existing, all species - including ourselves - will imprint their mark on the world around them.

How man is changing the environment

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How man is changing the environment

Wednesday, September 21, The changing urban self-defense environment With the US economy in the doldrums, as described abovepatterns of urban crime have been shifting. I've been studying the statistics from major urban areas over the past few weeks, trying to get a sense of the changing patterns.

Many of them are bad news for law-abiding citizens. In every case of which I'm aware thus far, participants have been mainly black, and their targets have frequently been people of other races: Some of these urban flash mobs have apparently been organized with specific targets in mind, with robbery as the motive.

So-called ' home invasion ' robberies are increasing in frequency in many urban areas, and the perpetrators are becoming more violent. Recent examples culled from a single Google search which yielded 3, results!

Last night I linked to another incident reported by fellow blogger Confederate Yankee. Due to budgetary constraints and competing demands on their resources, many prison systems, both state and Federal, are either considering the early release of, or actually releasing, convicted criminals to serve the remainder of their sentences under house arrest or in the parole and probation system.

Examples include CaliforniaKentuckyTennessee and the Federal prison systemplus many others. You can confidently expect crime rates to soar in areas receiving this flood of former prisoners.

If you believe they're all going to become angels as soon as they're released, and never commit another crime, there's a bridge in Brooklyn, NYC I'd like to sell you. Cash only, please, and in small bills.

Random, seemingly senseless confrontations and assaults appear to be increasing, some in public places, some at residences. Some of them have caused more or less serious injury.

A few examples out of a vast number that could be cited - do an Internet search for such incidents in your area: The unemployment rate in the USA as a whole is bad enough, but for those in the black community it's far worse, presently estimated to be more than twice as bad as for caucasians.

This means that in the very same inner-city communities that are most plagued with gangs, mob violence and crime, there are fewer jobs available to provide a legal income, which is essential for a more productive, less self-destructive lifestyle.

If there are no jobs available, crime becomes a much more tempting proposition. Furthermore, all those convicted criminals, mentioned above, who are now being considered for early release will have a much harder time finding work once they're back on the street, thereby increasing the temptation to revert to a life of crime as the only way to make ends meet.

All of these factors have changed the crime threat in many urban areas of the country, in the following ways: The attack may be based solely on your race.

I'm afraid all this drives home the point that one must be prepared to defend oneself and one's loved ones. It's no good saying "It won't happen to me! Many of them appear to have been targeted specifically because they were caucasian - another thing that would have been unthinkable to many a short time ago.

Furthermore, the police are unlikely to be there when you need them. Read any of the incidents linked above, and ask yourself where the police were when things went pear-shaped. The answer is - "not there! In brief, this is what I'm now emphasizing. The odds of having to deal with multiple assailants are now much higher than in the past; therefore, it pays to select a handgun with a large magazine capacity.

This, in turn, implies selecting a caliber that permits such a capacity. A bigger cartridge such as the. The same applies to long guns. I think a shotgun is an excellent defensive weapon, but its magazine capacity is relatively small, and its recoil is difficult for many shooters to manage. Given the current threat environment, I suggest an AR -type carbine or an equivalent weapon may be a better choice.

With a high-capacity magazine roundssuch firearms offer greater utility for defense against multiple assailants; and, given careful ammunition selection, the risk of over-penetration is greatly reduced.

How man is changing the environment

My personal choice is the Kel-Tec SUCwhich has proven reliable in my hands and is light, compact and affordable. I also use the very similar Kel-Tec SU model chambered in.When we talk about our environment we mean everything in the world around us which can affect our lives. When we talk about the environment we mean everything in the world around us that surrounds and affects all life on earth, including the air, food chains, the water cycle, plants, animals and.

How Does Man Affect the Global Environment? Humans have a substantial impact on the global environment. Even the smallest human actions initiate environmental change.

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Another way man is changing biomass and the environment around the world is by building cities. Humans build new buildings every day and those buildings take up space, space that was once a tree, a bit of grassland, or maybe a little pond.

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