Continental lite airline case study

Southwest Airlines History of U. S Justice Department and U.

Continental lite airline case study

Characteristics of the Southwest culture are accessible executives, empowered employees, and valued customers. Southwest Airlines operates like a healthy family. Continental Lite would concentrate on short-haul, low-fare flights at a cost structure that came in even lower than Southwest Airlines.

The simplicity and low costs of its operating procedures provide the airlines with a solid base.

Continental lite airline case study

So solid, the competitors have attempted to replicate their structure. What the competitors seem to be missing is the unique and successful internal relationship that Southwest Airlines has mastered. Southwest airlines may want to consider opening their family hug a little wider, replicating the successful internal systems that are established between employees and executives, and employees and employees and taking it up a notch with their customers.

Whatever it is that SWA does to keep their employees working harder for less pay, they should do for their customers.

Yes, customer service is a strong point for SWA, but I believe that if the customers felt they were part of the airline family they would remain loyal. Improve the frequent flyer benefits, launch a massive customer feedback and implementation program so customers feel their suggestions are acted upon a you asked for it, you got it campaign of sortsset up opportunities for customers to help the airlines, and help each other in travel.

Bottom line, if the prices and services are about the same, the customer will always go with the company they like best.Southwest Airlines Case Study in Essay.

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Instructor Case: Southwest Airline case study Words | 10 Pages A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United".

As they were beginning the meeting a staff member advised the. Continental Airways is the fifth largest airlines in the World, along with it subsidiaries operating more than departures in a day throughout the United States, Europe and Asia - Continental Airlines – Case Study introduction.

These flights connect more than domestic and international destinations. Continental Airlines Case Study Abstract Continental Airlines has formed a strategic partnership with EDS, an Information Technology consulting firm that provides solutions to businesses who need services regarding IT infrastructure, etc.

Continental’s relationship with EDS has been up and down. A Case Study on Cost Estimation and Profitability Analysis at Continental Airlines Francisco J.

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Román Introduction In , the senior management team at Continental Airlines, commanded by Lawrence Kellner, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, convened a special meeting to discuss the firm’s latest quarterly financial results. In Continental’s case, we simply needed to fly to places people wanted to go, when they wanted to go, in clean, attractive airplanes; get them there on time with their bags; and serve food at.

A competitor, Continental airlines formed Continental Lite to compete with South West. Continental Lite tried to copy the position of frequent and low cost flights.

Continental lite airline case study

Continental Lite lowered fares, eliminated meals and first class service.

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