Chemistry for human life promises and

Human life is inseparable from Chemistry. Everything whether living or non-living, solid, liquid or gas, from the softest mineral Talc to hardest material diamondis made up of basic building blocks called chemical elements. It is that branch of science that deals with the chemical composition, structure and properties of matters and other substances.

Chemistry for human life promises and

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Chemistry is the study of Matter itself. The strides taken by Humans in the two millennia have a close connection with every science, Chemistry included. Before coming to the pros and cons of Chemistry and its usefulness for Modern Humanity, I would like to first talk on the evolution of Chemistry throughout the ages.

The first Human contact with Chemistry came by accident. When man struck two stones together, it produced mysterious sparks. These sparks could be transferred to wood to create a wondrous flame.

The earliest chemical reaction was Fire - a mystical force to the prehistoric man. The second thing that inspired man to inquire about the nature of matter was nature itself. How can Water be both a gas and a liquid?

How do different flowers have different colours? Why do things give off a smell? The stage for modern chemistry was set, however, surprisingly, by Alchemy. The search for the "Elixir" of life - The Philosopher's Stone involved experiments and maintaining records - a central part of Chemistry today!

After this, it was a matter of centuries before chemical concepts were explained, the Atomic theory was proven and the known elements were established, all by scientific method.

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It was then that a vast world of practical applications of chemistry was envisioned. New fibres, medicines, the X-Ray Machine, new methods for the mining industry, improved fertilizers for the agro industry, Electricity, computers and Nuclear Power. Whatever are the promises from Chemistry, it is VERY evident that the list of benefits from the field of Chemistry are growing exponentially everyday.

His visions have today transpired into many practical applications, mostly benefiting the medicine industry. There are N number of fields where chemistry is being used. Some of them are: Having seen the promises, the very fact that every good thing has a bad side to it gives rise to the question, "What are the Concerns?

The biggest concern is a person using chemistry for negative means. Basically, the amount of energy is constituent atoms, which can help build things, help destroy things faster. I will outline 3 principal concerns below: The first one is the obvious one - Nuclear Power.

There are two basic nuclear reactions: Fission and Fusion, involving breaking up or fusing of atomic nuclei. When nuclei fuse or break apart, they turn into other elements, giving out Energy.

Chemistry for human life promises and

This can be related to Einstein's famous equation where the "Mass" from the nuclei is converted into pure "Energy. But a fateful day in Japan, reminds us the vicious power of Nuclear Fission, where the Atomic Bomb, caused devastation, and still affects the area today.

Also, incidents at Chernobyl and more recently, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown tell us that if not controlled, the vicious energy can destroy the entire planet. My own take on the Nuclear theme is - Right now, we are at the brink of mastering Fusion Power - although complete mastery is still decades away.

Nuclear Fusion is far better than Fission, and also does not produce waste by-products. So, until we master Nuclear Fusion, this is an intermediate step. The second one is - Biological Terror Attacks. Although the name tells us its got something to do with Biology and Diseases, but advances in chemistry can mean terrorists deliberately spreading toxins, harmful gases, viruses and likewise among the masses.

The US Anthrax attacks, where letters were laced with infectious material, are a prime example. The third is the hot issue - found everywhere in science - Global Warming. The Greenhouse Effect, a beneficial natural cycle, due to over'grazing' of industries and careless waste disposal techniques, is turning the planet into a death chamber.

The Ozone 'Hole' above Antarctica is the cause of ice melting in polar regions, and due to the gaping hole, harmful radiations from the Sun are permeating Earth's atmosphere.

One day, our planet may look like distant Mars.CHEMISTRY FOR HUMAN WELFARE: IT’S PROMISES AND CONCERNS had been officially declared “The International Year of Chemistry” t o commemorate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to mankind.

It is so fitting that is the centenary year for the award of Nobel Prize to Marie Curie for her discovery of Radium and Polonium. Steve Allen, Getty Images This is the elemental chemical composition of the average adult human body.

Water is the most abundant chemical compound in living human .

Chemistry for human life promises and

Chemistry is a Part of Life Dear Reader, For you to understand my personal importance placed on chemistry, you would first need to understand who I am in reference to chemistry. So for starters I am a Christian, second a human, . Inorganic compounds essential to human functioning include water, salts, acids, and bases.

These compounds are inorganic; that is, they do not contain both hydrogen and carbon. Water is a lubricant and cushion, a heat sink, a component of liquid mixtures, a byproduct of dehydration synthesis reactions, and a reactant in hydrolysis reactions.

Nov 18,  · We study the chemistry of life through the chapters of our science book in our school, biology tells just one part of the story and it is the chemistry that tell the other part of the story and still the story is incomplete.

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