Brain drain problem solution essay

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Brain drain problem solution essay

In recent years, however, the problem of brain drain has been acute for poorer countries that lose workers to wealthier countries. Almost ironically, England is now a country where many such workers end up.

Brain drain problem solution essay

Brain Drain of Healthcare workers The problem has been noted in healthcare in particular because the loss of healthcare professionals in poorer countries leaves already struggling healthcare systems in an even more desperate state.

Furthermore, these [shortfalls] often coexist in a country with large numbers of unemployed health professionals. Poverty, imperfect private labor markets, lack of public funds, bureaucratic red tape and political interference produce this paradox of shortages in the midst of underutilized talent.

Brain drain problem solution essay

The prestigious journal, BMJ sums up another aspect of the brain drain problem in the title of an article: This, Coombes notes, is because rich countries are also hiring medical staff from abroad, because they are far cheaper. Many health systems in the first world are under budgetary pressures.

In a way, this becomes a form of subsidy for the rich! Some countries are left with just doctors each, with large areas without any health workers of any kind.

A shocking one third of practicing doctors in UK were from overseas in mid for example as the BBC.Today, the problem of Brain-drain is a product of the revolu­tion in science and technology inspired by the Second World War and speeded up by the discovery and .


IELTS Problem Solution Essay Model Answer. November 29, Problem Solution Essay Instructions. The instructions for problem solution questions are often paraphrased in different ways. Below you can see a few examples: The main problem faced by poorer countries due to the brain-drain, in fields such as medicine and education, is that they.

* Solution &Responsibility of Brain Drain * Influence of Brain Drain * Classification of Brain Drain Essay about brain drain What Is Brain Drain The problem of Brain-drain, in our age, has become very elusive.

The developing countries like India are desperately in need of talents, especially in the field of science and technology but.

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Conclusion: It is high time that the people in power should think of a solution for this problem. Otherwise, we may lose more youngsters to brain drain and face this massive national loss. Otherwise, we may lose more youngsters to brain drain and face this massive national loss. Essay on Brain Drain in India.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 6, The problem of Brain-drain, in our age, has become very elusive. The destiny of such countries lies in the solution to this great problem. India can be taken as an instance in point.

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After independence this country is engaged in difficult struggle. Brain drain problem solution essay According to a UN definition, the flight of talent that is required for a country’s development to another country is called brain drain.

We have been experiencing this problem ever since we won out freedom.

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