Are you still playing your flute

Go to the Flutes. Lots of people see and hear these beautiful instruments and say "Boy, if I had talent, I'd get one of those! I try to say, "Oh, they're easy to play!

Are you still playing your flute

However, once you go beyond the primary scale the Pentatonic Minor scale, on most Native American flutesthere are some subtle differences between six-hole and five-hole Native American flutes. The finger hole spacing and the size of each finger hole affect the pitch of the notes produced by the flute and how comfortable the flute is to play.

If the finger holes are too far apart, the flute can be uncomfortable of impossible for some players to reach and reliably cover the finger holes. I have a piece of leather tied in the middle of my flute — what is that for? If you see only five finger holes on your flute, it is likely that the leather covers up a sixth finger hole!

Some makers add the leather strap to make their six-hole flutes into a five-hole flute.

Are you still playing your flute

You are free to remove the leather and explore the options offered by the additional finger hole. How does a plastic flute compare with one made of wood? Some flutes today are made of various plastics: Here are some things to consider: Many of the plastic flutes are made using a predominantly automated process.

While this means that each plastic flute is not individually crafted, it also means that you can get multiple flutes that all have very similar characteristics. The cost of a plastic flute tends to be lower than flute of wood. Plastic flutes tend to be tolerant of heat, waterproof, and more durable not easily broken or dented compared with wood flutes.

The workshop in Tucson.

This can make them ideal for special situations like hiking, camping, or if you wish to keep a flute in your car so you'll always one available on the road. Plastic flutes do not swell or crack in the presence of moisture.

However, there can still be issues with playing any flute for extended periods of time, for sanitary reasons. Since you place a flute on your lips when you play, the safety of the materials and the finish of the flute should be considered.

Not only should the characteristics of the material itself be considered, but the process used by the specific manufacturer of the material used in the flute.

Is the material produced from recycled or re-ground products? What contaminants might be present? Considering the way flutes are used, I believe that plastic materials should meet one of the standards for: Consider that the commonly available Schedule 40 PVC is designed for wastewater systems.


So you can ask the flute maker about the source of their materials and what statements or certifications they have from the manufacturer about the specific grade of material used. However, realize that a statement by the manufacturer is different from a certification by an organization such as the FDA.

Here is an excerpt from an email from Gary Bakker, of PolyChlor personal communication, July 16, that highlights the situation: As in many cases with specific tests or ratings in the plastics industry many suppliers will use all the correct ingredients to meet a certain test but will not do the tests as they are extremely expensive and will have to be re-done if any changes are made in their process.The Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute has been the choice of dealers and educators alike for decades.

Evolving from the previous M2 model, the Gemeinhardt 2SP is now crafted with an unprecedented level of quality control, including two tiers of of professional magnehelic bench testing.

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ARE YOU STILL PLAYING YOUR FLUTE? BIOGRAPHY OF THE POET plombier-nemours.comh Hassan, is a creative writer writing mostly poetry besides short stories. She received the SEA Write Award (An Award for South East Asian Writers) in and in was conferred the title of Sunthorn Phu Poet Laureate, the Poetry Prize for ASEAN countries.


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