An analysis of the supply chain management system in sampson products company

Supply chains were originally defined as encompassing all activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from raw materials through to the end user, as well as the associated information flows. Supply chain management was then further defined as the integration of supply chain activities through improved supply chain relationships to achieve a competitive advantage. The management of upstream and downstream value-added flows of materials, final goods, and related information among suppliers, company, resellersand final consumers. As a consequence, costs must be lowered throughout the chain by driving out unnecessary expenses, movements, and handling.

An analysis of the supply chain management system in sampson products company

Supply Chain Management Sample Assignment 1. Executive Summary Supply Chain management is the network of activities where the raw material is purchased then transformed into the usable goods and then finally delivered to the customers through the distribution systems.

Schriskoope is the Holland based fresh chicken supply Chain Company and has approximately two hundred employees. Holland is one of the biggest producers of the poultry in the European countries. They import the butchered chicken to the various parts of the countries.

There are few issues that are faced by the company like the poor quality of the end products, high competition, supply and demand not able to meet and issues related to the 3PL and since the competition is growing, it is important to take actions on the issues.

The goals of the company include understanding the strategies, fighting the competition, reduction of cost and also the logistics to be managed.

An analysis of the supply chain management system in sampson products company

The report consists of the evaluation process of the performance of the supply chain management. The performance can be evaluated by the company with the help of quantitative and qualitative measures. The evaluation will help the supply chain company to overcome the poor performance.

The performance measurement criteria consist of the customer satisfaction, supplier performance, integration of material flow and the information.

The performance is also evaluated on the basis of finance of the company as well. It is analysed that the performance evaluation helps in further improving the strategies of the company for the better competitive advantage. The report also analyses the strategies that the supply chain Management Company should adopt in order to perform better and improve continuously in the process and procedures of the supply chain management.

The strategies explored in the report are lean and agile strategy which analyses the lean management followed by agile management. Next is a logistics strategy where the points are explored on logistic management that the company should apply.

The purchasing and the procurement strategies as well as the marketing strategies for the supply chain are also analysed in the report. It is vital for the company to have sustainability in the global supply chain as it will help in maintaining the competitive advantage.

In this report the factors are considered that will help the supply chain in developing and maintaining the sustainability of the company. Introduction Schriskoope is the Holland based fresh chicken supply chain Management Company.

The company gets its chicken from the polish farms. Holland is one of the biggest exporters of meat products in the neighbouring European countries. The company had issues related to the logistics, cost of poor quality products and supply and demand of the products.

The report is the analysis of strategies of the supply chain management and also the factors that can help in developing and maintaining the sustainability of global supply chain. Structure and the Measures of the Supply Chain Management 3.

The supplier sends the raw material to the manufacturer who in turns manufactures the products and then sends the delivery to the customers. Holland is one of the biggest suppliers of poultry in the European continent and the production and processing of the poultry is one of the largest. The market of the poultry is so big that they export the poultry to the neighbouring countries like Germany and Britain and some of the other European countries.

Poultry productions have gone up in the Holland as the consumption of beef has gone down in the European Country. The number of small manufacturing enterprises SME is still large in number throughout the supply chain. The firm is considered as small manufacturing enterprise if the number of employees is less and therefore the number of SME are more as they have around or more employees like Schriskoope as it also have employees working twenty four hours.

The competition in the market is high as there are large enterprises that have almost 90 percent market share in Holland. The poultry market in Holland has more profit as compared to any other meat. Also the raw material in the poultry processing is cheaper. The size of the enterprises is small yet the number is more.

Therefore, the competition in the market is tough. Also, the company is providing fresh chicken to the market hence the poultry sold is comparatively more as it is fresh.

It is very important for the supply chain management to have their own transportation so that they do not rely on the outsourced companies as is the case with Schriskoope. The supply chain management is based on the demand management.

As mentioned earlier, the demand of the poultry is high therefore it is vital for the company to cope with the demand and supply management in order to sustain in the market.

Customer plays an important role in the supply management as the end product goes to the customer.Latest procurement and supply chain analysis from Supply Management.

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