A memorable holiday spent with my grandmother

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A memorable holiday spent with my grandmother

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While I don't have an Elmira memory to share, I'm posting in hope that someone will share their memories with me.

I grew up in Vestal. I am currently working on a book about the life of one of Elmira's oldest residents, Dina Jacobson.

She is a survivor of Auschwitz concentration camp and has lived a remarkable life. I am searching for impressions and memories of people in the community. Specifically, I'm looking for stories about: Dina, if you know her husband, Kalman "Jake" Jacobson.

Jake's Glass Shop was a fixture of the community for many years. He also worked for Southern Tier Glass and Mirror for almost twenty years, so any memories about that place would help, as well.

A memorable holiday spent with my grandmother

Any other information about the glass shop, including stories about Hoppe, who owned the shop before. Sam and Rose Stemmerman owned Stemmerman's Grocery. They were Dina's aunt and uncle that took the young couple in when they first arrived from Europe. Any memory, no matter how minor it might seem, would help give me more perspective about their role in Elmira.

And even if you don't have a specific memory, but remember any of these people and want to share your impressions, I'd love to hear. Please email me and share your story! On a related note, there is another aspect of Dina's life story that remains a mystery to me and to her.

This man helped Dina connect with her relatives the Stemmermans in Elmira.

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If you happen to know of any American soldiers who served at Feldafing DP Camp in Germany after the war, any time fromplease let me know. We're trying to "connect the dots" and find that soldier, whose name has long been forgotten, or some surviving member of his family. Thank you so much for any help you can provide me!

Jim Wescott, EFA 55 - culletman aol. St Louis MO Found this great site purely by accident while doing genealogy research. I guess we do this when we get too old to do other things that we used to do. I recall with great fondness sliding down Reformatory Hill, across the road and down Kingsbury Avenue to my house.

Cars would normally slow down and watch out for us kids. Fishing in the Chemung River, Catherine Creek and hunting in the hills in back of the prison are great memories.

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Also Lib's Supper Club where I took my future wife on our first date. Eldridge Park was an all day affair - playing ball, fishing for oil soaked bull heads, riding Jasper for a few pennies a day and never had any problems there.

More often than not we were given a lot of free rides on the coaster and merry go round when things were slow. We were there alot.Like so many other things in the Anglo-Saxon world recently, the First World War and the way we remember it seem to have been subsumed into a culture war between left and right.

What were some of the memorable moments with your grandparents? Update Cancel. My grandmother would scold him for shouting and I used to laugh at him; During my childhood days,I spent every holiday of mine in my grandparents house. Essays on a Memorable Holiday Spent With Grandmother.

a Memorable Holiday Spent With Grandmother Search. Search Results. How i Spend My Holidays That, also, our love and bonds be as strong as them brothers and sister.

This holiday to the coastal state of Orissa shall be the most memorable holiday of my life. Faith of My Fathers is the gripping story of a war hero.

In it we learn much of what matters most.

A memorable holiday spent with my grandmother

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